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All Hands Annual Meetings

2020 June 18, 2020 (virtual)

The 2019 EarthCube Annual Meeting will be held on June 12-14, 2019 in Denver, Colorado at the Hilton Denver City Center . The meeting begins on Wednesday morning and ends on Friday after lunch. 2019 EarthCube Annual Meeting web page


The 2018 AHM, “Platform for Integration,” focuses on the many successes achieved so far by the EarthCube Community. Highlights will feature a demonstration of the pilot registry work (Project 418,) technology integration, how EarthCube defines its own success, and ways to enhance engagement in the scientific community and with external partners.


The fourth annual EarthCube All Hands Users Meeting, held June 2017 in Seattle Washington, focused on making connections between domain scientists and computer scientists as we move forward into Implementation of the EarthCube architecture. It was attended by over 100 people from all over the globe, representing major geoscience data facilities, nearly a third of which were first time participants. The two and a half day program provided ample opportunity for new and veteran community members to convene and share progress on their respective programs.

Resources from the AHM here. (Posters, presentations, videos.)


Other EarthCube Meetings

2020 - Convergence Accelerator (CA) - Open Knowledge Network (OKN), January 6, 2020, Bethesda, MD

Final report: Cragin, Melissa H.; McGranaghan, Ryan; Zaslavsky, Ilya; Li, Wenwen; Demir, Ibrahim; Arce, Alyssa; Kirkpatrick, Christine (2020). Convergence Accelerator (CA) - Open Knowledge Network (OKN) - EarthCube Workshop Report. In EarthCube Organization Materials. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


2016 Architecture Workshop
2015 Architecture Workshop
Sci-Tech Workshop
Tech Hands Meeting
2015 EarthCube Check & Adjust Meeting

EarthCube at AGU


In 2016 EarthCube had a robust presence at AGU with 64 Presentations (32 oral presentations and 32 posters), a Town Hall Meeting, EarthCube committee and team meetings, and numerous interactive demonstrations at the EarthCube Booth throughout the entire week. Our programming reflected an eventful year for EarthCube with the development of the Architecture Implementation Plan, as well as the addition of 11 new NSF-funded projects to develop both the Research Coordination Networks and Building Blocks needed to move us ever closer to our goal to transform geoscience research through improving the interoperability and integration of geosciences data resources.