NOTE: For information on NSF soliciations, please visit the NSF EarthCube page.

Opportunities for Funding from EarthCube Committees & Teams 

Several funding opportunities to promote community engagement and participation in EarthCube are available. Please see individual webpages for details.

ESSO Architecture Subawards

As part of EarthCube's plans to develop infrastructure, architecture, or other components related to our mission of enabling geoscience discoveries through new or enhanced data infrastructure and workflow support, the ESSO will periodically make awards to the community via an RFP process.

Currently we are requesting proposals for two projects related to Project 418 - The EarthCube Resource Registry Project and Project 419 (P419) Software System Upgrade Project.

View the RFPs

Distinguished Lecturer Program

Through EarthCube's Distinguished Lecturer Program, support funds are available to a host institution to offset costs of sponsoring an EarthCube Distinguished Lecturer, typically a researcher/educator who promotes EarthCube while giving invited lectures on their work. Search the approved list of EarthCube Distinguished Lecturers.

Early Career Travel Grant

The Early Career Travel Grant provides reimbursement funds to individuals ($500) or underrepresented minorities ($1000) to present or discuss their EarthCube-related work at professional meetings, workshops or conferences held in the United States. The Early Career Travel Grant program is intended to promote EarthCube activities and work products and to cultivate the next generation of EarthCube participants.

Visiting Graduate and Early-Career Scientist Program (pending)

The EarthCube Visiting Graduate Student & Early-Career Scientist Program provides funding to students and early-career scientists to engage directly with EarthCube Building Block projects. Sponsored by the Science Committee, the program aims to disseminate EarthCube-enabled technology to domain scientists; increase awareness of EarthCube products; and encourage interactions between the EarthCube Building Blocks and the science end-user community. This program is temporarily inactive pending availability of funds. If you are interested in being notified of a change in status, please contact the Science Committee