The governing charters of EarthCube and its supporting Council, Committees, and Teams are provided below. These documents were finalized and adopted in 2014 and 2015 and detail the roles, responsibilities, and operations of each unit of EarthCube's governance structure. As living documents, these charters may be changed or amended by the community by the means detailed in each document.

The links below are permanent links to documents meant to give a broad overview to the EarthCube project, as well as pertinent documents describing current implementation efforts. 

EarthCube Guidance for next office and 2019 target data Project Solicitations

  • LC Guidance on EC Projects [link]
  • LC Guidance on EarthCube Workbench [link]
    • Workbench Tiger Team Report  [link]
    • ESSO Technical Assessment [link]
  • yberinfrastructure for the Geosciences – Opportunities [NSF Link]
  • Next EarthCube Office Solicitation [NSF link]
    • Webinar for EarthCube Office solicitation was Monday, February 4, 2019: 2 PM EST
      • The presentation and notes will be made available here shortly. 
  • 2019 EarthCube Projects Solicitation [NSF link]
    • Webinar for EarthCube core solicitation – Tuesday, February 12: 2 PM EST
      • The presentation and notes will be made available here shortly.
  •  2018 AGU - EarthCube town hall. Check out slides 38-47 for NSF's reference to EC Solicitation
  • LC Guidance for Support Office [link]

    Github Repositories: [P418] [P418 GUI] [P419] [EC Resource Registry]

  • Recommended Requirements for EarthCube Funded Projects [link]

Governance Charters

Meeting Summaries