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Geoscience data facilities will enable transformational science, innovative education, and informed public policy through increased coordination, collaboration, and innovation in the acquisition, curation, preservation, and dissemination of geoscience data, tools, models, and services.  Existing and emerging geoscience data facilities – through the Council – are committed to serving as an effective foundation for EarthCube.  

Mission of the Council of Data Facilities

The Council of Data Facilities Charter states that its mission is to serve in a coordinating and facilitating role that includes advancing the following five goals:

  1. Provide a collective voice on behalf of the member data facilities to the NSF and other foundations and associations, as appropriate
  2. Identify, endorse, and promote standards and best or exemplary practices in the organization and operation of a data facility
  3. Identify and support the development and utilization of shared infrastructure services, including computing services, professional staff development and training services, and related activities
  4. Foster innovation through collaborative projects
  5. Collaborate with standard-setting bodies with respect to standards for data sharing and interoperability, metadata, and related matters

Council Functions 

  • Engage and establish partnerships among data facilities
  • Serve as an emissary among software developers, the science community, the cyberinfrastructure community, and educators
  • Ensure the explicit connection between the scientific process and technical function, including coordinating testbeds and other mechanisms for evaluation of cyberinfrastructure components, and identifying and prioritizing science use cases
  • Engage and support end users and stakeholders (e.g. professional societies, publishers, government, commercial), including attracting new users to EarthCube
  • Encourage, engage, and enable the next generation of EarthCube data facilities leadership

CDF Executive Committee (two-year term) July 2020-July 2022

  • Co-chair/Chair of CDF Exec and General Assembly Meetings: Kerstin Lehnert, Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA)
  • Co-Chair/Representative to EarthCube Leadership Council: Corinna Gries, Environmental Data Initiative (EDI)
  • At-large: Jerry Carter, Incorporated Institutions for Seismology, (IRIS DMS)
  • At-large: Robert Downs, Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
  • At-large: Steve Diggs, Clivar and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office (CCHDO) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

Council of Data Facilities Membership


Recent Activities -

Shared infrastructure white paper, Nov 11, 2019

iPoster about the Shared Infrastructure at AGU, Dec 2019

2019 Poster- EarthCube Annual meeting June 2019

  • Presentation by David Y Hancock (Jetstream)   April 12, 2019  
  • David Hancock is the director for advanced cyberinfrastructure in IU's Research Technologies division. Hancock is responsible for directing IU's local and national high performance computing (HPC), storage, and cloud resources for research. Hancock is the primary investigator for the Jetstream project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). He is also responsible for directing IU system administrators who participate in the NSF XSEDE and Wrangler projects.  Slides    video


Core Trust Seal Certification -- Cohort of Data Repositories

Panel Discussion July 10, 2020 (During CDF General Assembly Meeting)  recording Panelists: Danie Kinkade, Ted Habermann, and Doug Schuster

Certification Process with IRIS - June 12, 2020   Ted Habermann ’s slides:, Link to video:


First webinar: Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018,  Click HERE for the Recording with Rorie Edmunds (Program Director for World Data System International Program Office) and John Faundeen (USGS)

Second Webinar: Monday, November 26, 2018, Speakers: Ingrid Dillo, Deputy Director of DANS  (slides), Helen Glaves, Senior Data Scientist, British Geological Survey  (slides), Click here for the recording.

A cohort of data repositories is being assembled to apply for CoreTrustSeal certification as part of the American Geophysical Union Coalition Enabling FAIR Data Project. CoreTrustSeal certification demonstrates to a repository’s users and funders that they have been evaluated by an independent authority and endorsed for their trustworthiness.  If you are interested in becoming a member of this cohort, please send an email to Rebecca Koskela (


Meeting NOTES

General Assembly Meetings -

  • Summer 2020 General assembly Meeting links to notes and presentations  HERE
  • Winter 2020 General Assembly links to notes and presentations HERE
  • Summer 2019 General assembly Meeting links to notes and presentations  HERE
  • Winter 2019 General Assembly links to notes and presentations Here
  • Summer 2018 General Assembly links to presentations and recording HERE
  • Winter 2018 General Assembly -- details and links to presentations here
  • Summer 2017 General Assembly -- details here.


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