Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure for Open Discovery in the Earth Sciences


What is GeoCODES?

GeoCODES eases the use of data and tools for geosciences research needs.  

What problems is GeoCODES solving?

In the same way that Google made it easy to search for text across websites, and YouTube eased issues with video hosting and searching, GeoCODES exists to ease use of geosciences data and tools - especially to showcase EarthCube resources. GeoCODES existence encourages:

The GeoCODES approach

GeoCODES uses a standard protocol by which all tools, new and old, can communicate with one another seamlessly. For geoscience data this is science-on-schema, an extension of the popular plus the widely used format JSON-LD.  EarthCube, ESIP, and the Council of Data Facilities have piloted the adoption of this standard across the partnering geoscience data centers, building search aggregators to crawl data center collections and  construct a centralized index for finding data across all available sources, as a user or programmatically (through a provided API).

Start using GeoCODES

  • Search across several EarthCube-related repositories via the prototype GeoCODES portal. If you are a data provider, the science-on-schema conventions tools will enable your data to appear in Google Dataset Search and be exposed in the GeoCODES portal.  
  • Browse EarthCube tools, vocabularies, and services. The EarthCube Resource Registry is intended to provide immediate access to a list of EarthCube capabilities.
  • ​The EarthCube office is available to provide support around the adoption of science-on-schema as well as the usage of EarthCube tools.