Together, the EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) staff brings over five decades of project management, program administration, and communications experience to help the EarthCube community realize its full potential and vision. ESSO provides logistical, administrative, and communications support to EarthCube’s governing bodies and to the EarthCube community at large.

Mohan Ramamurthy, PI and Project Director (email)

Mohan RamamurthyDr. Mohan Ramamurthy is the PI and Project Director for the ESSO, as well as the Director of UCAR’s Unidata Program, and is a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Dr. Ramamurthy studied weather processes and prediction, including mesoscale phenomena such as snowbands, gravity waves, and hurricanes, and conducted research in data assimilation and ensemble forecasting for 25 years. His current interests are focused on information technology, interactive, multimedia instruction and learning, scientific data services, and more broadly the application of cyberinfrastructure in the geosciences. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers on many topics in meteorology, information technology, and geoscience education. 

Before joining UCAR in 2003, Dr. Ramamurthy spent nearly 17 years on the faculty in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physics from the University of Poona in India. He earned his Ph. D. in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, where his doctoral research dealt with the analysis of data and modeling of disturbances associated with monsoons. Dr. Ramamurthy is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. 

James Davies, Project Manager (email)

James DaviesJames has 14 years of experience as a project manager, including nine supporting research at the state and federal government level. This included facilitating a pooled-fund study which brought together Departments of Transportation from around the country and world, working together to carry out research studies for the benefit of all members. James has worked in traditional and agile methodologies, ranging from physical equipment installation to software and app development. He has led cross-functional teams of varying size and has a proven track record for implementation. James is a certified PMP, ScrumMaster, PMI-ACP and Microsoft Professional.

James will act as the project manager for UCAR’s EarthCube Science Support Office - helping to increase its usability and open it up to a wider and more engaged audience. James will support the Leadership Council and National Science Foundation, and help the ESSO team to deliver on projects to further develop EarthCube. Outside of work, James is a nationally-licensed soccer coach and educator, and enjoys traveling to remote parts of the world with his two young children.

Eric Lingerfelt, Technical Officer

Eric Lingerfelt comes to the EarthCube Science Support Office from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where he specialized in the design, development, and deployment of full stack application systems in support of multiple areas of scientific research. He is a software engineer, developer, and architect with a background in astrophysics and mathematics, and possesses an expertise integrating intuitive user interfaces, relational databases, advanced visualization technologies, and secure web services with scalable data formats, high performance computing simulations, big data analytics applications, and petabyte-scale storage systems.

His background building distributed software systems that provide highly-interactive user experiences, which enable scientists to generate, access, analyze, visualize, manipulate, and share complex sets of data from anywhere in the world in near real-time, will be an asset to the EarthCube community as we move to advance the EarthCube architecture and its implementation. 

For over a decade, Eric has lead and collaborated with teams comprised of prominent domain experts and computing professionals to implement, and successfully deliver, multiple n-tier software systems to the US Department of Energy and other clients in support of a wide variety of fields, which include nuclear astrophysics, nanoscale materials science, Big Bang cosmology, core-collapse supernovae modeling, environmental science, isotope sales and distribution, theoretical nuclear science, neutron data modeling, and the oil and gas industry.

In his role as ESSO Technical Officer, Eric will utilize this expertise to manage the EarthCube reference cyberinfrastructure architecture, facilitate the development of key technical documents and standards, oversee technical developments within the EarthCube Implementation Plan, and implement and deploy key components of an integrated EarthCube infrastructure.

Beyond software development and design, Eric enjoys playing electric guitar and bass, hiking, snowboarding, rounds of disc golf, and listening to a wide range of music on vinyl records.

Lynne Schreiber, Project Coordinator (email)

Lynne SchreiberLynne brings to EarthCube over 10 years of experience excelling as a program coordinator for both the nuclear power industry and international agricultural development community. Her expertise involves developing and implementing systems of organization that foster collaborative efforts and minimize the need for micromanagement.

In her role at ESSO, Lynne manages the operation and activities of the Committees, Teams, and Working Groups. She also supports community engagement efforts by promoting EarthCube at annual meetings and conferences and assists the Leadership Council and Organizing Committee organize and execute the annual EarthCube All Hands Meeting. In her spare time Lynne is often found hiking in Colorado’s high country or creating works of art in her pottery studio.

Julie Petro, Communication Specialist (email)

Julie PetroJulie is in her element when assisting organizations in identifying communication pain points and opportunities, then crafting impactful written solutions to highlight strengths and achieve goals. She comes to EarthCube with over 10 years experience working with the geosciences community as a communications manager at NCAR’s Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL.)

At ESSO, she supports the EarthCube community with all things communications, including developing and implementing communications plans, facilitating outreach and engagement, creating and curating content for the EarthCube website and social media channels, composing informational materials for workshops and conferences, and managing EarthCube’s newsletters. She prefers doing most of this to a backdrop of jazz, and when she’s not in her communications role she spends much of her time painting, or simply enjoying gorgeous Colorado.

Emily Villasenor, Communications Intern (email)

In her role as Communications Intern for ESSO, Emily will help to highlight the progress of EarthCube by writing articles about project successes, making the impact of the program clear and accessible to the EarthCube community and beyond.

Emily studies Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder with a minor in Technology, Arts, & Media. As a Colorado Native, its almost a given that Emily enjoys hiking and biking and snowboarding...although, she doesn't stay put for long. Her passion for world travel - as well as her commitment to visit one new country every year - keeps her on the move. 

Terry Mitchell-Sur, ESSO Budget Manager (email)

Terry Mitchell-SurTerry Mitchell-Sur is the ESSO's Budget Manager, as well as Unidata's Program Manager with over 14 years experience at UCAR and over 11 years at Unidata. He manages and directs the operational budgets and administrative functions of the EarthCube governance units and the ESSO. He is responsible for the overall administrative management and coordination of a variety of business related functions such as finance, budget, staffing, human resources, space and facilities planning, and sponsor policy compliance.

Terry has a bachelor's and master's degree in finance and business administration from the University of Colorado. He is one of the few natives of Colorado and enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, biking and skiing with his family.

Sheri Ruscetta, ESSO Budget Analyst (email)

Sheri RuscettaSheri is ESSO's Budget Analyst, as well as Unidata Program Center's Budget Analyst with over 20 years experience in Finance and Administration. She provides budgeting, financial management, and analysis support to the ESSO. In her spare time she enjoys camping, hiking, and motorcycle road trips.


Inken Purvis, Administrative Support (email)

Inken Purvis Inken is ESSO's travel and logistics maven. She brings over 20 years of experience in initiating, coordinating, and planning a variety of administrative and logistical functions, and has worked in data informatics, marketing, publishing, and pharmaceutical industries.