Project 419 Software System Upgrade

The “Project 419” (P419) Software System Upgrade project will provide a scalable, cloud-based, data-driven cyberinfrastructure that will accelerate data discovery and access across dozens of geoscience data providers at once in a robust, secure, and highly performant way. P419 will greatly facilitate new and better connections among existing data resources and provide geoscientists powerful cross-domain search capabilities which will greatly decrease time to science and the scientific utility of community data.

By building upon the successes of the Project 418 prototype software system developed during FY18 and managed through the EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO), this new project will greatly improve and solidify the current system into a highly concurrent and robust platform that will be accessible to thousands of simultaneous users, provide inclusion to dozens of new data providers, address temporally bound and real-time streaming dataset discoverability and access, and integrate text, spatial, and time-based dataset metadata searches.

Project 419 Software System Upgrade Development Team

Doug Fils - Consortium for Ocean Leadership - Data Management Expert

Adam Shepherd - BCO-DMO - Technical Director

Eric Lingerfelt - EarthCube Science Support Office - Technical Officer

Project 419 Software System Upgrade Advisory Team

Tim Ahern - IRIS

Asti Bhatt - SRI International

Steve Diggs - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Dan Fuka - Virginia Tech

Ouida Meyer - Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

Project 419 Software System Upgrade Links

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