EarthCube is about transforming geosciences research by community-led cyberinfrastructure: 42 funded projects to date for unprecedented access to data, new ways of data-sharing, finding and using computer apps to manipulate your data, collaborating and coordinating your research with other geoscience domains, and more. NSF anticipates that funding for additional EarthCube projects will continue through 2020 as the geosciences communities coalesce and evolve around cyberinfrastructure being built to enable and broaden geosciences knowledge and discoveries. Get involved with EarthCube activities >>

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Technology & Architecture Committee  Credit: Alexis Merlaud Science Committee Credit: Alan Linde Engagement Team Credit: Chris Kidd
Liaison Team Credit: Babk Hejrani Council of Data Facilities Credit: David Mercin Leadership Council Credit: Janos Kovacs


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