EarthCube's success will depend on the ability of diverse stakeholders to connect with one another in new ways that advance both individual and shared objectives. Since 2012, an EarthCube Stakeholder Alignment Survey has been underway, with the aim to further explore these issues. Survey focus areas include:

  • the connections within and across disciplines, fields, and areas of expertise (Geo and Cyber), and
  • the new institutional arrangements that emerge to sustain EarthCube as a transformational initiative.

A visual and interactive representation of the data collected in this survey is available here. It was developed using SUAVE (Survey Analysis via Visual Exploration) system, which originated in an earlier EarthCube project. The SUAVE survey gallery page has several additional information technology surveys. Additional feedback from this and future surveys will continue to shape EarthCube by ensuring stakeholders' wants and needs guide development of the cyberinfrastructure and its governance.