The EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) supports the EarthCube Governance (Leadership Council, Committees, and Teams) with services and resources to maintain and manage the governance structures and their activities as articulated in the EarthCube Governance charters.

This includes:

  • supporting community engagement efforts by promoting EarthCube at annual meetings and conferences (including use of social media).
  • maintaining and supporting governance elements on the EarthCube community website and other online resources.
  • supports connectivity of the Funded Projects with the broader EarthCube community through website and other resources.
  • supporting the operation and activities of the Leadership Council, Committees, Teams, and Working Groups.
  • helping the Leadership Council and Organizing Committee organize and execute the annual EarthCube All Hands Meeting.
  • tracking and reporting engagement metrics for the Leadership Council.
  • assisting the Leadership Council, Committees, Teams, and Working Groups with budget management and accounting services.
  • supporting governance election processes per each governance group's charter.

For general questions or requests regarding EarthCube, contact the ESSO.

Promote Your Work
  • Showcase your team’s work and progress via the EarthCube monthly newsletter, online news feed, social media, print publications, and live events. Contact us to discuss what the ESSO can do for your project/team.
Communicate and Coordinate
  • EarthCube has multiple WebEx accounts available to the community for online workshops/webinars and project team and governance meetings.
  • The ESSO can assist your team by creating your team/project listserv and team/group web page.
  • Email the ESSO to learn more about using these services.
Benefit from the Brand
  • Projects funded through NSF's EarthCube initiative should clearly display the NSF and EarthCube logos on posters, project websites, reports, and presentations.
  • Downloadable EarthCube logos are available on the Branding: Colors, Font and Logos page.