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SC-DA: A Scalable Community-Driven Architecture


Conceptual Framework

Caltech, Element84 and NASA/JPL have developed a conceptual architecture that aims to serve as the blueprint for the definition, construction, and deployment of both existing and new software components to ensure that they can be unified and integrated into an evolutionary national geosciences infrastructure for data that is part of the EarthCube enterprise.







Technical Approach

This study includes definition of process, technical, and information architectures based on a set of guiding architectural principles that examines the lifecycle of data to ensure that different stakeholder needs are addressed.  Caltech, Element84, and NASA/JPL will heavily leverage efforts from multiple disciplines to develop a scalable and extensible approach that can support both a data and computationally intensive environment to enable scientific data management and discovery.



  • Followed architecture lifecycle to produce a scalable conceptual design for EarthCube that covers science data life cycle
  • Conducted design reviews
  • Resulted conceptual design was used as input into evolving EarthCube Solution Architecture 
  • Mapped EarthCube funded projects to technology architecture element 
  • The architecture design includes a set of principles, identification of stakeholders, use cases as drivers, and architectural elements (process, information model, technologies/services)
  • Participation in Technology Architecture Committee (TAC)
  • Supported TAC roadmap strategic planning
  • Presentations of design concept to community (e.g., TAC, Architecture workshops) at various venues (e.g., EarthCube All Hands, AGU, ESIP, etc)
  • Participated in TAC telecons
  • Delivered Progress reports
  • Participated in 2016 EarthCube All Hands Organizating Committee
  • Participated and helped organized architecture workshops
  • Contributed to EarthCube Projects Booklet
  • Participated in ESIP Conceptual Design workshop
  • Participated in Tech Hands meeting
  • Participated in EarthCube Architecture Refinement workshop
  • Participated in EarthCube Workbench Tiger Team


Team members

  • Ashish Mahabal, Caltech
  • Thomas Huang, NASA/JPL
  • Steve Hughes, NASA/JPL
  • Scott Caltagirone, Element 84











We want to thank the following reviewers for their contributions to this effort:

Joel Cutcher Gershenfeld and his researech team (design review team)

Charles Mcelroy (design reviewer)

Nancy Wiegand (design reviewer)

Phil Yang and his research team (design review team)

Daniel Ziskin (design reviewer)

as well as:

EarthCube Program management, Leadership Council, TAC