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This interest group addresses the current state and future directions of cyberinfrastructure development in support of rock deformation and high-pressure mineral physics research via the DEFORM (Deformation Experimentalists at the Frontier Of Rock and Mineral Research) and COMPRES (Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences) communities. Its goal is to leverage the high degree of compatibility that exists between the cyberinfrastructure needs of DEFORM and COMPRES, and to facilitate scientific discovery via cyberinfrastructure development and identify EarthCube activities that are related to the properties of Earth materials.

Rock Deformation & Mineral Physics group builds on related EarthCube efforts by EarthScope, Structural Geology and Tectonics, and other groups developing plans for EarthCube initiatives. Science objectives in rock mechanics will include rock deformation research on coupled deformation and fluid flow in the shallow crust, the spectrum of fault slip behaviors, the brittle ductile transition, scientific drilling into seismogenic faults, deformation processes in subduction zone megathrusts, and lithospheric dynamics and flow in the lower crust and upper mantle. Science objectives in mineral physics include understanding the physical, chemical, electronic, and other properties of planetary materials under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature, and the implications of those properties for the evolution and current structure of Earth and other planets.