Heliophysics is in the core of the Geospace science because the solar activity directly determines the conditions of the Earth space environment and atmosphere. For understanding the physical mechanisms of the complex multi-scale processes on the Sun and developing Space Weather forecasting techniques, it is critical to develop a common cyberinfrastructure to collect, access, analyze, share and visualize all forms of data from ground-based and space observatories, as well as from data-driven numerical simulations and modeling, and develop capabilities for their efficient analysis using advanced computer science techniques. The main goal of this project is to create a Research Coordination Network (RCN) that will foster new collaborations between heliophysics and computer scientists, which will result in ideas and concrete plans for developing building blocks supporting the goals of the EarthCube initiative. This RCN will actively encourage involvement of a diverse pool of community members and will provide an organized virtual structure that will promote a science transforming open source knowledge collaboration. This collaboration will enhance the science return from individual research projects run by the RCN participants. 

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@HDMIEC RCN Steering Committee

Gelu Nita (PI) New Jersey Institute of Technology
Alexander Kosovichev (Co-PI) New Jersey Institute of Technology
Vincent Oria (Co-PI) New Jersey Institute of Technology
Rafal Angryk Georgia State University
Timothy Bastian National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Serena Criscuoli National Solar Observatory
Sangram Ganguly NASA/Ames
Sarah Gibson HAO/NCAR
Neal Hurlburt Lockheed-Martin
Irina Kitiashvili Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
Maria Kuznetsova  NASA/GSFC
Petrus Martens Georgia State University