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Earth-Centered Communication for Cyberinfrastructure — Challenges of Field Data Collection, Management, and Integration


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The 2015 EC3 August Field Forum will take place on August 2nd to the 7th and will be to Yosemite National Park and Owens Valley in California. Visit the EC3 website and download an application--Anyone can apply to participate.

Key Dates:
March 16th, 2015: Application deadline
April 13th, 2015: Notifications mailed
August 2nd-7th, 2015: Field trip to Yosemite National Park in California


The Community

EC3 is attempting to engage all geoscientists who collect field data.  We are building connections between this field-based geoscience community and members of the cyberinfrastructure communities.


The main challenge for the field-based geoscience community is that our data are most often collected in an analog fashion (e.g., analog compass and field notebook).  The onerous nature of transferring data from a field notebook into a digital format has prevented many researchers from sharing their complete field datasets with the larger scientific audience.


In order to come up with solutions that address these challenges and are technically feasible and sync up well with our existing/developing cyberinfrastructure, we are getting field scientists and computer scientist together in the field, on a four-day field trip to discuss these topics.  There is no better place to have these conversations than the field.

Benefits to the broader geoscience community – next steps

In addition to the 2015 field trip, we will be hosting town hall meetings at both the AGU and GSA national meetings (2014 and 2015).

2014 field trip mix: 10 geologists, 12 computer scientists, 4 graduate students, 2 undergraduates, 1 high-school student, 1 cognitive scientist, 2 applied linguists.


2014 field trip participants: Geology: Joe Andrew (UofKS), Forest Fortescue (NCRWQCB), Stephen Dornbos (UofW, Milwaukee), Mike Williams (Amherst), Basil Tikoff (Madison), Frank Spear (RPI), Terry Pavlis (UTEP), Matty Mookerjee (SSU), Marjorie Chan (UofUT), Steven Whitmeyer (James Madison); Comp Sci: Ilkay Altintas (SDSC), Michael McClennen (Madison), Jesse Eickholt (Central MI), Jessica Good (AZGS), Adrian Sonnenschein (AZGS), Yolanda Gil (USC), Susan Winters (UofMD), Sibel Adali (RPI), Michael Haberman (UofIL), Ken Lawrie (BGS), Nichola Smith (BGS), George Percivall (OGC);  Grad Students: Sarah Ramdeen (Chapel Hill), John Donahue (NM Tech), Magdalena Donahue (NM Tech), Zachary Michels (Madison); Undergrads: Daniel Vieira (SSU), Anna Zeng (USC), Kevin Zeng (USC); Cognitive Sci: Thomas Shipley (Temple U.); Applied Linguistics: Mick Smith (UCLA), Charles Goodwin (UCLA).


EC3 Steering Committee Membership: Richard Allmendinger, Cornell U; Jim Bowring, College of Charleston; Marjorie Chan, U of Utah; Amy Ellwein, Rocky Mountain Bio Lab; Yolanda Gil, U of Southern CA; Paul Harnik, Franklin and Marshall College; Eric Kirby, Penn State U; Ali Kooshesh, Sonoma State U; Matty Mookerjee, Sonoma State U; Rick Morrison, Comprehend Systems Inc; Terry Pavlis, U of Texas, El Paso; Shanan Peters, U of Wisc, Madison; Bala Ravikumar, Sonoma State U; Paul Selden, U of Kansas; Thomas Shipley, Temple U; Frank Spear, Rensselaer Poly. Inst; Basil Tikoff, U of Wisc, Madison; Douglas Walker, U of Kansas; Mike Williams, U of Mass., Amherst