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ECITE - The EarthCube Integration and Test Environment, an outgrowth of activities of the EarthCube Technology Architecture Committee (TAC)'s Testbed Working Group (TWG), will provide an integration test-bed for technology and science projects for both EarthCube funded projects and community technology demonstrations. The ECITE team will actively engage EarthCube and the wider geosciences community in the definition of requirements, design, and testing of the system. ECITE will consist of a seamless federated system of scalable and location independent distributed computational resources (nodes) across the US. The hybrid federated system will provide a robust set of distributed resources utilizing including both public and private cloud capabilities. 

The ECITE Team includes:

  • Sara Graves (PI) - University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)
  • Emily Law - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
  • Chaowei (Phil) Yang - George Mason University (GMU)
  • George Djorgovski - California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • ​Ashish Mahabal - California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Ken Keiser - University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

ECITE Resources:

ECITE Federated Cloud Environment - Hybrid cloud resources available for integration and testing of EarthCube project techologies and resources

EarthCube Integration and Test Framework - A prototype framework to support the assessment and evaluation of EarthCube technologies based on science use cases

ECITE Progress and Accomplishments:

High Level Technology Integration and Testing Workflow (a work in progress)

ECITE Products:


  • Vance T.C., Merati N., Yang C., and Yuan M. (2016). Cloud Computing in Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences  Academic Press.  Page 454. ISBN: ISBN-10: 0128031921

Book Chapters

  • Jiang, Y., Xia, J., & Liu, K. (2016). Polar CI Portal: A Cloud based Polar Resource Discovery Engine.. Cloud Computing in Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences  Page 163. 

Journals or Juried Conference Papers

  • Xia, J., Yang, C., Liu, K., Gui, Z., Li, Z., Huang, Q., & Li, R. (2015). (2015). Adopting cloud computing to optimize spatial web portals for better performance to support Digital Earth and other global geospatial initiatives. International Journal of Digital Earth 8(6). International Journal of Digital Earth.  Pages 451-475.
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Conference Presentations / Papers / Posters

  • Keiser K., Graves S., Law E., Yang C., Assessment and Infusion of EarthCube Technologies, ESIP Winter Meeting. Jan 2017
  • Graves S., ECITE: A Testbed for Assessment of Technology Interoperability and Integration with Architecture Components, American Geophysical Union 2016 Fall Meeting. Dec 2016
  • Graves S., Evolving Frameworks for Different Communities of Scientists and End Users, American Geophysical Union 2016 Fall Meeting. Dec 2016
  • Graves, S., Keiser, K.,  EarthCube project status and results. 2016 EarthCube All Hands Meeting. Denver, CO. Jul 2016
  • Graves, S., Conover, H., Keiser, K.,  (2016). ECITE Poster. 2016 ESIP Winter Meeting. Durham, NC.
  • Graves, S., Keiser, K., ECITE Poster. 2016 EarthCube All Hands Meeting. Denver, CO. Jul 2016
  • Graves, S., Keiser, K.,  Presentation at Fall AGU 2015. AGU, Dec 2015

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ECITE Documents:

TWG Documents:

The Technology and Architecture Committee's (TAC) Testbed Working Group (TWG) prepared and completed several deliverable documents entailing the requirements and design of an EarthCube integration and testing environment.  These documents (hosted on the TWG information site) were used to help advise ECITE development efforts.