This project lays the groundwork for the whole-earth analysis and simulation capability envisioned through EarthCube, by bringing critical zone scientists together with hands-on training to test available cyberinfrastructure tools with comprehensive multiparameter datasets spanning a wide range of scales. The project will further improve access to the products of critical zone research by promoting the sharing, standardization, synthesis and analysis of biogeochemical and metagenomic data via EarthCube cyberinfrastructure, enabling a broader array of geosciences communities to shape future EarthCube activities and outcomes. Project findings and products will be used to inform future EarthCube development through the activity of the PIs and collaborators in the EarthCube Science Committee and Technology and Architecture Committee, as well as through the broader engagement of critical zone scientists into EarthCube activities.


Emma Aronson, UC Riverside

Emilio Mayorga

Aaron Packman