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Planning for the EarthCube Integration and Test Environment

At the 2014 EarthCube All Hands Meeting (AHM), the assembly identified the need for an EarthCube integration and testing (I&T) environment to support development and validation of EarthCube components.  In response to the AHM’s request for such capabilities, the Testbed Working Group (TWG) was established by the Technology and Architecture Committee in January 2015.  The TWG charter is to define a Test Bed working with the EC and user communities that will be capable of facilitating the integration of separately funded EC components and promote collaborative planning, testing and integration of technologies. Clear objectives, definition and capabilities of the I&T environment will allow these intersections to be better defined and illustrated. TWG is aiming to design an Integration and Test (I&T) environment architecture that will meet EC community testing needs and will guide its implementation phase.


In this session, the TWG will share their findings and preliminary results and solicit feedback from the EarthCube community on:

1.    Existing testbeds that can be leveraged by EarthCube

2.    Testing and integration needs of funded projects to support EarthCube deliverables and expectations

3.    Requirements for an EarthCube I&T environment

4.    Approaches for a preliminary design of EarthCube I&T environment