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The Geoscience Web Services (GeoWS) Building Block

Name of session lead: Suzanne Carbotte

Other Presenters: Chuck Meertens, Ilya Zaslavsky, Mohan Ramammurthy, Chad Trabant, Mike Gurnis, Mike Stults, Bob Arko

Affiliations with EarthCube committees/teams/funded projects (if any): GeoWS, Council of Data Facilitiees, Leadership, B-Cube, CINERGI

Title of session: How will GeoWS help geoscientists?

Brief description: GeoWS is directly targeted at easing discovery, access, and usability of distributed data within the geoscience community.  GeoWS partners were identified as part of a science use case articulated at the EarthScope-EarthCube End Users Workshop. GeoWS has developed standards of practice, documentation, and an approach to discovering and using data from multiple domains that can be, in theory, extended to any geo-discipline.  This session will provide a brief overview of GeoWS paying particular attention to how it is driven by specific needs of the geoscientist. It will also include demonstrations by each of the 6 funded partners, and some examples of data made available from PIs and data centers that have not received EarthCube funding directly.  Demonstrations will be given showing how popular client applications (GeoMapApp, IDV, and the B-Cube broker) can discover and access data from multiple GeoWS funded and unfunded domains. 

Level of knowledge expected: No knowledge necessary other than how to use a browser