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CDF Update: 02/16/15

The Council of Data Facilities Executive Committee had their monthly telecon on Friday, February 13.

The ExCom has the following action items:

  1. They will confirm with Erin Robinson about holding CDF assembly meeting on Friday, July 17, after the ESIP Summer meeting at Asilomar, CA.
  2. Joel has volunteered to create editable 1-page process statement on formation of Action Teams to address new ideas, and submit this to the ExComm
  3. The are working on guidance for the Membership Committee.
  4. The EarthCube office has supplied a logo for the Council: https://slack-files.com/T02SG5CRL-F03M5RW78-434a486f4d

The ExCom is also working on concepts for CDF participation in the All Hands Meeting.

Here is a link to the call agenda and notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DU5FwQ2B7oaBFijWbNXvlvJgB6RtGJjU7cc9...